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    6 Glasses CLASSICO ° Water

    "CLASSICO" - Classic, but timeless

    Manufactured in the finest quality, these glasses combine brilliance, sturdiness and superlative design. Each glass is designed so that the taste and bouquet of your wine are maximized.

    After all, enjoying wine demands the right glass for the right occasion.

    Type: CLASSICO ° Water

    Diameter: 90 MM

    Height: 240 MM

    Content: 545 ML

    Machine-blown. "Tritan Crystal Glass". Made in Germany.

    This water glass is a product of Schott Zwiesel.

    These glasses in the series "CLASSICO" by Schott Zwiesel are only available per 6 pieces.

    Price per glass, VAT inclusive = EURO 7.25

    Out of Stock -

    Schott Zwiesel

    €11.80 (inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock